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Russian Government Further Expands the Non-Disclosure Regime for Issuers of Securities

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  • The Russian government has adopted a resolution defining a list of grounds under which issuing companies will have the right to limit the disclosure of the specified data.
  • The resolution takes into account restrictive measures in force against a company or organization, the status of an authorized bank, the geographic location of the company’s activities, among other things.
  • The new list includes information on the composition of the management bodies and control over the financial and economic activities of issuers, information on affiliates and subsidiaries, financial investments, foreign currency transactions. In addition, the list contains information on the issuer's business segments in terms of information on the provision of services to them, on manufactured products, purchase of goods, performance of certain works, information on counterparties, their industry and geographical structure.


Download the PDF file to read our summary of the key points of the resolution.