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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

 This Privacy Statement outlines our data collection and processing activities in relation to our services. It explains how we comply with the Swiss Data Protection Act and the European General Data Protection Act when handling the collected data. It also provides your rights and all contact information if you have inquiries about your personal information.

 Type of Data We Collect

Polixis aims to assist financial intermediaries, governments, regulators, and other customers with legitimate interest in risk management. Our scope covers several aspects of primary interest to these groups and includes economic, financial, regulatory, judicial, Politically Exposed Persons, sanction, and other similar data.

We collect information only from publicly available sources. However, access to our products is reserved for our customers.The data is collected and processed for the purpose of public interest according to art. 89 of the GDPR and as well applicable concepts of Swiss General Data Protection Act.

 Type of Data We May Collect

Below is an example of typical type of personal data we may collect, if available within the public domain:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Residence
  • Citizenship
  • TIN
  • Professional Biography
  • Board Membership
  • Public Filings
  • Bankruptcy
  • Disqualified Directors lists
  • Wanted Persons Lists, etc.
  • Media reports

 Important to note that profiles can have all or only part of this above-mentioned information. The depth and completeness of the information will depend on and exclusively on the availability within the public sources.

 Data Accuracy

At Polixis, we adhere to rigorous research standards to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the personal information we handle. Despite our efforts, the inherent nature of Public Domain Data and the complexities of software processing mean that inaccuracies or outdated information may occasionally occur. Should you discover any inaccuracies in your personal information, or believe it to be irrelevant or excessive, we encourage you to reach out to us via email at team ( at ) polixis.com.

 We value your input and promise to give serious consideration to all feedback. However, it's important to understand that not all communications will lead to modifications or removals of your information on our relevant datasets. This may occur if we determine the information still be accurate and relevant, or if other lawful justifications allow us to maintain your personal data as is.


Our data is retrieved from sources available to general public or which were openly  or under commercial subscription made available as a rule by either Government bodies, agencies, organizations, or entities, or general internet resources. As a non-exhaustive example of available datasets will be: 

  • Business Registries
  • Media reports
  • Sanction, Enforcement, and Watchlists Lists
  • Governmental Open Data Portals
  • Online Resources
  • Courts and other law enforcement agencies, etc.


We utilize data to support our Users in conducting checks, adhere to regulatory demands, and for other related tasks essential for the efficient administration of our services and the safeguarding of our and help our costumers to meet their regulatory obligations. Our processing of standard, publicly accessible personal information is grounded in the legitimate interests of ourselves or third parties.

 Cross Border Data Transfer

During the normal operations of our business, it is possible that your personal information will be shared with specific group of parties (such as users of our services, partners, our staff, or authorities in case of legal obligations) across different regions. This may involve transferring and processing your data outside your home nation, potentially to countries that might not provide the same level of data protection as your country of residence or that have not been recognized as having adequate data protection by relevant authorities. We implement appropriate legal mechanisms to ensure that your personal data is adequately safeguarded when transferred internationally, in line with data protection legislation, which may include, for example, specific contractual protections in accordance with provisions such as Articles 44 to 50 of the GDPR.


  • The information was made public by Public Authorities (Governments, Parliaments, Agencies, etc.);
  • The information is otherwise publicly within within online search (e.g. Media reports, Panama Papers, etc.);
  • The information was made public by you;
  • The information is necessary for public interest on the basis of all applicable laws (including financial terrorism, money laundering, etc.) and was public reported in an identifiable source;

Right to information

As a data subject, you may have several rights regarding your personal data, as outlined by the privacy laws we adhere to and relevant jurisdictions. These rights may have limitations, such as when fulfilling your request might expose someone else's data, or if we need to retain your data due to legal obligations or significant interests. Please note that not all rights are absolute and exemptions may apply on case by case basis.

 Right to access
As a data subject, you have several rights regarding your personal data, as outlined by the privacy laws we adhere to, including, the right to get access to your personal data, as well as to request copy of your data.

 Right to rectification

This right provides you the ability to ask for changes/updates of your personal data in case your data is not up to date, inaccurate or otherwise incorrect.

 Right to withdraw consent

You have the right to request withdrawal and deletion of information about you. However, Polixis reserves the right to assess such requests individually for its compliance to GDPR and general legislation in place.

 Right to object

This right provides you with the ability to object to the processing of your data. (Similar to withdrawal).

 Right to be forgotten

This right provides you the ability to ask for the deletion of your data provided your request is in line with the applicable legislation to which we are subject to.


Your information will be available to the following groups only: Clients and any other person to which we will be legally obliged to provide this information. Most commonly this will be law enforcement agencies that may require such information in our countries of operation.


For any comments, questions, or complaints, the data subjects may address us their queries any time by sending an email at team ( at ) polixis.com with a subject line Privacy Inquiry.
Please note that in order to protect you and comply with applicable legislation we may require identification document for the data subject, proof of residency to determine applicable legal regime (e.g. GDPR or SGDPA). Persons represented by their advisors are invited to present power of attorney to represent that Data Subject.

 This statement might be updated from time to time without any prior notice.