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Polixis Strengthens Commitment to Swiss Wealth and Portfolio Managers with Innovative Compliance Solutions

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Geneva, Switzerland - February 27, 2024 - Polixis, the pioneering Swiss full-circle proprietary data player in AML & KYC, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with the Swiss Cooperative for Wealth Managers (SCWM). This collaboration underscores Polixis's unwavering dedication to supporting wealth managers in its home market with a Best-in-Class KYC solutions, mirroring the exceptional services already provided to custodian banks.

Given FINMA’s and its peers strict expectations from IAMs to robust AML & KYC frameworks, we believe  granting wealth managers access to Polixis's advanced compliance solutions, we empower them to streamline client onboarding procedures, reducing compliance-related delays and enabling them to focus more on expanding their client base.

Polixis remains at the forefront of innovation, providing unparalleled data excellence and comprehensive support to Swiss and International Wealth and Portfolio Managers. Our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions underscores our mission to facilitate operational efficiency, regulatory adherence, and sustainable growth within the financial industry.

For more information about Polixis and our compliance solutions, please visit www.polixis.com.

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