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Think of data as the ingredient and the algorithm as the recipe for a dish - your actual search result. Polixis is among a handful of global players that empower their solutions through their proprietary data. What does this mean for you practically? Faster, cheaper and flexible solutions! And why select us? We believe we have the world’s best interconnected data, which allows us to provide unrivalled automated solutions.


ARDIS, our flagship software, stands for Applied Risk & Data Intelligence Solution. It is a next generation AML, sanctions and KYC automation software, designed for both Front Office and Compliance teams.

ARDIS contains terabytes of multi-lingual, cross-jurisdictional, interlinked compliance and economic data, empowering any user with speedy access to data in a wide range of languages.

With ARDIS, we have managed to reduce tasks that previously required hours of highly-sophisticated compliance research to mere seconds, allowing the human analyst simply to read the text and take a decision.

ARDIS has already been adopted by many Swiss, European and international banking groups as their high-end customer on-boarding, review and monitoring solution.

Benefits Of ARDIS

For Risk & Compliance teams
Faster, high-quality client on-boarding and Due Diligence, KYC and PEP reviews;
Sophisticated, automated auditable reports;
Less pressure on teams, allowing the reallocation of vital resources to other tasks.
For Front Office teams
Instant KYC Due Diligence and file corroboration in a PDF format;
Speedy pre-checks on your phones, tablets, or other devices, that can be sent directly to your Risk & Compliance team for a rapid opinion;
Front Office KYC reviews generated within seconds.
Our Promise
Our promise is to save you money and time, while increasing the quality and speed of research and reviews across your teams.

We believe that using ARDIS within your team will change your culture of Risk & Compliance due diligence and reviews.
We take a personal approach and adapt our offering to each client’s requirements and operational use. Whatever the solutions you chose, one promise we can certainly make is that the actual savings you make will be far greater than your investment in ARDIS. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and solutions we may bring. Please contact us at +41 (0) 22 340 22 00.
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Data Solutions
We offer two types of data: corroborative data to fill in or create a KYC review on a legal or physical entity, and PEP and other regulatory relevant data to signal any political, AML, reputational, sanction or other risks. Our PEP&REP© Database is one of world’s largest PEP and regulatory risk screening databases. Its data can be used both as stand-alone batch screening solution or as an integrated product to empower third party and/or customer built internal AML solutions. As to corroborative data, we can provide full RESTful API solutions along with detailed documentation to empower any customer-built interface or even separate software products.
Automated KYC Reviews
We believe ourselves to be pioneers in a new automated approach to high quality KYC reviews. We have designed and delivered the world’s first truly automated, in-depth KYC review for Tier 1 Global Banks. Both by depth and quality of Machine Analysis our soft & data is fully comparable to human made research. Given that we own our data, we can design and deliver custom-made screening solutions, adapting to clients’ Risk Appetite and understanding of risk landscape and regulatory requirements. And where is the role of human in all this? Our mission is to let the human analyst concentrate on decision making instead.
API Integrations
We provide several types of RESTful APIs, allowing customers to build their own interfaces and internal products. This ranges from integration to mainstream banking applications like Appaway, Avaloq or other purpose-built internal solutions. For technical documentation and assessment of our needs please do drop us a line or give as a call at +41 (0) 22 340 22 00.
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Telephone: +41 22 340 22 00
Telephone: +41 22 340 22 00
Telephone: +41 22 340 22 00
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