Advisory Solutions

Alongside our focus on technology solutions for Risk & Compliance, we place great importance on the human component in our work. We fundamentally believe that it is impossible to resolve a business challenge without having expertise in the field. Our professional team of experts is here to assist you. We provide in-house advisory services, IT consulting and Risk & Compliance research.
Risk & Compliance Advisory
Since 2012 we have been trusted advisors and partners to premier Swiss and European financial institutions, including a couple of dozen banks from the Top 50. We help our clients to better navigate the complex Risk & Regulation landscape with a particular focus on Private Banking, M & A, Trade Finance and Asset Management. Our core expertise is AML, international sanction regimes, political and regulatory risk management, from process organisation to actual research and consulting.
Technology Consulting
Technology, particularly the smart design and implementation of tech and data-driven Compliance solutions, is one of our fast-growing services. At Polixis’ our strength in tech advisory services relies on our combination of Risk & Compliance expertise and daily tech and data work in developing our own products and services.
Risk & Compliance Research
We deliver world-class human research to complement software’s intelligence in cases when machine reasoning is not enough. With a strong banking focus, we cover topics as diverse as country risk, sanctions and AML issues with a specialism in Emerging Markets.
Training & Seminars
At Polixis we see training and seminars as a vital part of our interaction with clients. Not only do we share our accumulated knowledge and information on specific topics, but we also see it as an opportunity to learn from our clients. Training and seminars cover a range from classical country and regulatory risk topics to weekly and monthly briefings. To find out more about the range of existing training and seminars, please contact us at +41 (0) 22 340 22 00.
11 Rue de Cornavin, Geneva, 1201, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 22 340 22 00
Telephone: +41 22 340 22 00
Telephone: +41 22 340 22 00
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