Translating risk
into business

Meet ARDIS your new team member. This intelligent next generation software stands for Applied Risk
Data Intelligence Solution, can be your team’s best friend by efficiently taking over many of your team’s
research and analysis tasks. ARDIS does not replace its colleagues,
it simply empowers them with languages, speed, and
greater depth of research.

After 5 years of successful practice as Founder of an advisory firm, I gradually realized that Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and quality automation is not any more a dream in our field. With ARDIS, we decided to realize that dream of analytical automation, quality data and hard-to-access markets and languages. Today, we are happy to share it with all the practitioners!
Gagik Sargsyan

Translating Risk Into Business

ARDIS was created by practitioners
for practitioners, this is what defines this software

Translating Risk Into Business
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The Company

Polixis is known to the market as a boutique, best-in-class advisory firm, specializing in the emerging markets Risk & Compliance. With ARDIS, we take this expertise to the next level by blending human expertise with machine intelligence and emerging markets’ big data. The result is a unique technological solution that aims to change the way Risk & Compliance teams work on client and transactional due diligence.

At Polixis we believe that human analyst’s time is precious. That is why we decided to build a solution that accelerates research, reduces costs, leaving precious human resources to make final decisions on the matter.

This blend of human expertise and machine intelligence is also complemented by our team’s readiness to step in and help with any research & analytical tasks when you decide that a particular case requires human analyst’s intervention.

Our Promise

Our promise is to save you money and time while increasing the quality and speed of research & review across your teams. We believe that the use of ARDIS within your team will change the very culture of Risk & Compliance Due Dil and review.

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Meet ARDIS - Applied Risk & Data Intelligence Solution

ARDIS was created by practitioners for practitioners, this is what defines this software.

When designing Ardis we had several key components in mind.

Provide well-sourced, hard-to-access compliance relevant data.

Provide data in English – that was originally mined from non-Latin languages and challenging jurisdictions – and ensure that a non-native speaker of a particular jurisdiction’s language can now have access to data, previously reserved for highly skilled, multilingual professionals.

Most importantly, using our recognized expertise and in-depth understanding of Risk & Compliance procedures and expectations we draw the data together to make sure that the client receives an in-depth, professional human style due diligence analysis and auditable reports generated instantly without any extra costs.

For Risk & Compliance teams

  • Faster high-quality client on-boarding & Due Diligence, KYC and PEP review
  • Sophisticated automated Auditable Reports
  • Less pressure on your teams, allowing to concentrate on final decision-making

For Front Office teams

  • Instant KYC Due Diligence and file corroboration in a PDF format
  • Light speed pre-checks on your phones, tablets etc; and a possibility of sending it directly to your Risk & Compliance team for a rapid opinion
  • Front-side KYC Review generated within secondsg

For all teams, time and cost efficiency.


We calibrate our pricing adapting it to our clients needs and operational use. Whatever the price, one promise we can certainly make is that the actual savings you may make will be far greater than your investment in ARDIS.

We will be happy to better understand your operational needs and comes up with a pricing that suits best to your needs. For a more personal approach, please contact us at +41 (0) 22 340 22 00 or let us know the best time to contact you:

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Gagik Sargsyan

Gagik is the founder & CEO of Polixis. He has spent the last 12 years as regulatory risk manager and advisor to over 40 international banks and United Nations. Prior to Polixis he worked for BNP Paribas and HSBC Group in charge of Risk & Compliance issues for respectively MENA and CIS markets.

Gagik is a frequent speaker at various banking & risk industry events in Switzerland and abroad. His key expertise and interests lay in the field of Swiss & international banking regulation, sanctions, country & political risks as well as technological design, automation and integration of latest technologies to Risk & Compliance processes.
He is fluent English, French, Russian and Armenian speaker.

Oleksandr Andreyev

Alex is Head of Research at Polixis. Before joining Polixis, Alex served as Analyst for the Eurasia desk at Aegis Advisory and earlier at Risk Advisory Group in London. Previously, he worked in academic research investigating informal political groups in Ukraine and CIS. Alex holds an MSc in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics. He is fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Vahan Avetisyan

Vahan is the R’n’D Lead at Polixis. He has a PhD in Computer Science & Applied Maths with a passion to apply his hard science skills to real live business solutions. Prior to joining Polixis Vahan was Senior Consultant with Ernst & Young’s Geneva office. In the past Vahan has been Chief Technology Officer and Project Lead with several IT companies specialising in data analytics, natural language processing and semantics.

GCO Annual Conference - our participation

We are excited to confirm Polixis’s participation in the Risk & Compliance professionals’ biggest annual gathering in Geneva, the GCO Annual Conference, on 28 September 2017. Polixis’s Founder and Director Gagik Sargsyan will present on Big Data & Al and the profound impact they will have on the nature of customer Due Diligence and KYC. Gagik will primarily be elaborating on the opportunities that automation, Big Data and machine intelligence bring to KYC analysis as well as the limitations of the current technologies.

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US’s recent Sanction Act (H.R.3364)- unnoticed aspects on Oligarchs & Parastatal Entities.

On 2 August, US President Donald J. Trump reluctantly signed into law legislation H.R.3364 “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act”, which was earlier almost unanimously approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The legislation essentially introduces a tougher sanctions regime against Russia, as well as Iran and North Korea. Most analysts indicate that President Trump was effectively cornered into signing the legislation, since any attempt to veto it could have been a humiliating defeat.

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